ERP Implementations

SCALE Technological Transformations by applying Lean and Best Practices

Business Process Optimization

ACHIEVE operational efficiencies by leveraging industry Best Practices

ERP Technical Solutions

For over 20 years, the consultants at Scaled Solutions Group

Lean Transformation

OPTIMIZE operational current state and low hanging fruit to capitalize on

Scaled Solutions Group specializes in delivering top-notch ERP consulting services, focusing on optimizing business processes and ensuring successful ERP implementations.

Key Services:

  1. Business Process Review (BPR):

    • In-depth analysis of current processes to identify areas for improvement and align them with ERP capabilities.
  2. ERP Implementation:

    • Full-cycle implementation services, from planning and configuration to customization and deployment.
  3. Project Management:

    • Comprehensive project management to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet quality standards.
  4. Technical Consulting:

    • Customization and integration services, ensuring the ERP system fits seamlessly with existing business systems.
  5. Change Management:

    • Strategies to manage organizational change, including training and support to ensure smooth transitions.
  6. Post-Implementation Support:

    • Ongoing support and optimization services to ensure the ERP system continues to meet business needs.

Why Choose Scaled Solutions Group?

Scaled Solutions Group offers a comprehensive range of ERP consulting services designed to help businesses achieve seamless ERP implementations and optimize their operations.


Expertise and Experience:

  • Extensive experience across various industries, providing tailored solutions to meet unique business challenges.

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • Focus on understanding client needs and delivering solutions that drive business success.

Proven Methodologies:

  • Utilizing best practices in ERP implementation to ensure successful project outcomes.