Scaled Solutions Group: Bilingual ERP Consultants for Epicor Prophet 21 Implementations Across North and Latin America

Scaled Solutions Group: Bilingual ERP Consultants for Epicor Prophet 21 Implementations Across North and Latin America

March 29, 2024

Scaled Solutions Group: Bilingual ERP Consultants for Epicor Prophet 21 Implementations Across North and Latin America

At Scaled Solutions Group, we are committed to ensuring the success of Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) implementations for businesses throughout North America and Latin America, including Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Our team of bilingual Spanish consultants offers the expertise and localized knowledge necessary to guide your organization through a seamless ERP transition. Here’s why Scaled Solutions Group is your ideal partner for P21 implementations focused on the Latin Spanish workforce.

Bilingual Expertise Tailored to the Americas

Effective Communication:

  • Our bilingual consultants, fluent in both Spanish and English, eliminate language barriers, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the implementation process. This facilitates a smooth transition and helps all stakeholders fully understand the project’s goals and processes.

Regional and Cultural Understanding:

  • With extensive experience in North and Latin American markets, we are well-versed in the unique business environments and regulatory requirements. This localized knowledge allows us to tailor our ERP solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses in these regions.

Proven Strategies for Successful P21 Implementations

Thorough Needs Assessment:

  • We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s needs. By understanding your unique challenges and objectives, we develop a customized implementation plan that addresses all critical areas.

Role-Based Training Programs:

  • Our training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of different user groups within your organization. By focusing on role-specific training, we ensure that each team member is equipped with the necessary skills to effectively use the P21 system.

Interactive and Hands-On Learning:

  • We offer engaging workshops and practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach helps users gain confidence in using the ERP system, leading to faster adoption and proficiency.

Phased Implementation Approach:

  • Implementing the ERP system in phases allows users to gradually build their skills. Starting with basic functionalities and moving to advanced features helps reduce overwhelm and ensures a smooth transition.

Continuous Support for Long-Term Success

Post Go-Live Stabilization:

  • We provide immediate support after go-live to quickly resolve any critical issues. Continuous monitoring ensures the system operates smoothly, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Ongoing Optimization and Support:

  • Our support extends beyond the go-live phase. We offer continuous optimization services to keep your ERP system performing at its best, including regular performance tuning, system enhancements, and user support.

Feedback and Improvement:

  • We collect user feedback during and after training sessions to make iterative improvements. This ensures the ERP solution evolves with your business needs and remains aligned with your operational goals.


Scaled Solutions Group is dedicated to driving the success of your Epicor Prophet 21 implementation. Our bilingual expertise, combined with localized knowledge and proven implementation strategies, ensures a smooth transition and long-term operational excellence. Whether your business is in North America, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or other Latin American countries, our team is equipped to support your journey to ERP success.

Contact Scaled Solutions Group today to learn more about how our bilingual consultants can help your organization achieve its ERP goals.